The souk: Economic life and traditional

arts in al-Andalus and Morocco

1st April – 15th July, 1995

Castle of Santa Catalina and Palace of Villardompardo. Jaén.

No. of exhibits: 285

No. of visitors: 51,810

Exhibition curator: Mr. Manuel Villar Raso (University of Granada)

This exhibition showed the economic situation of the town in al-Andalus. In addition to pieces of unquestionable artistic value, it offered the possibility of contemplating a souk…

It was divided up into two major sections, one for each venue: The splendour of al-Andalus (Castle of Santa Catalina) and Morocco, yesterday and today (Palace of Villardompardo).

They both showed popular pottery, ceramics, toys, metals, numismatics, weapons, jewelry, wood, ivory, textiles, glass, measuring instruments, musical instruments or construction and ornamentation elements.

The subjects were dealt with through areas of a historical nature, following the different historical periods: From the origins of Islam to the Caliphate of Cordoba; The kingdoms of Taifas; The Almoravids; The Almohads; The Nasrids; The Merinids; The Saadis and The Alawites.

Among the pieces on display we could find oil lamps, ataifores (large earthenware bowls), Muslim jewelry found in the necropolis of Puerta Elvira, a collection of dinars and dirhams from the Madrid Mint, some swords –including Boabdil’s–, capitals and scale models.

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