Water and agriculture in al-Andalus

1st April – 15th July, 1995

Alcazaba, Almería.

No. of exhibits: 17

No. of visitors: 36.282

Exhibition curator: Mr. Antonio Malpica Cuello (University of Granada)

The guiding thread of this exhibition was water provision for agriculture, a unique occasion for introducing the great agricultural and technological innovations in al-Andalus that supposed the use and control of water. This exhibition revealed the daily aspects of life in al-Andalus, drawing special attention to domestic tasks and vital human activities.

It was structured into the following thematic areas: Territory and agriculture; Water for the fields (irrigation systems, water catchment, conduction, storage and distribution); Water as energy (mills and fulling mills); and Other uses (salt water)

Among the most notable pieces on display were ceramics (dishes, jugs, etc.) and scale models of an animal-powered waterwheel and a hydraulic mill.

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