Ibero-American Mudejar: From the Islam to the New World

1st April – 15th July, 1995

Palacio Episcopal. Málaga Málaga

No. of exhibits: 45. No. of visitors: 32.358

June and July, 1996

Theatre Mohammed V. Rabat. (Morocco)

19th December 1996 – 16th February, 1997

Institute of America. Santa Fe (Granada).

The aim of this exhibition was to highlight the cultural importance of the Muslim world, its evolution, its development in al-Andalus and its repercussion in America through the Mudejar culture.

It was structured around the following subjects: Islamic Art (historical, social, territorial aspects, constructive and decorative typologies and materials used); General aspects of the Mudejar (Islamic urban and territorial legacy, construction techniques, guild organization and the transfer of jobs); The Mudejar in Spain; the Mudejar in Portugal; The Mudejar in the Atlantic Islands and The Mudejar in America.

Among the pieces on display we could find a glazed green well-parapet, the scale model of the missing roof of the Hall of Linajes of the Infantado Palace, tiles in the shape of arrows, crosses, and stars, a door with a Eucharistic inscription on and a 15th-century cupboard door.

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