Andalusia: History, life and traditions

10th – 25th February, 1996

Ifagra Fairground. Armillla, Granada. Granada.

No. of visitors: 124.645

On the occasion of the Sierra Nevada Alpine World Ski Championships, this exhibition was conceived as a true showcase to introduce the creativity and technological innovations of Andalusia.

The exhibition, which brought together the most outstanding elements of gastronomy, crafts, the tourist and agri-food industry and the culture of the Autonomous Region of Andalusia, consisted of three themed areas:

I. Institutions, tourism, crafts and future prospects of the region.

II. Agri-food industries, gastronomy and restaurants.

III. Exhibition El legado andalusí, the art of living.

Each of these thematic blocks were housed in independent pavilions connected to each other by attractive outdoor spaces.

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