Houses and Palaces of al-Andalus. 12th and 13th centuries

1st April – 15th July, 1995

Convent of Las Verónicas. Murcia

No. of exhibits: 46

No. of visitors: 41.770

Exhibition curator: Mr. Julio Navarro Palazón (Center of Arab and Archaeological Studies Ibn Arabi, Murcia)

This exhibition deepened into the comprehension of the residential architecture of al-Andalus during the 12th and 13th centuries. It proposed a reflection on the domestic architecture of both royal palaces –such as the Alhambra– and more humble houses that achieved great originality and perfection in the kingdom of Granada. The hypothetical reconstruction of one of those houses, as well as a relevant selection of architectural, sculptural and ceramic elements were on display.
In short, the exhibition introduced us into the gestation and origin of the Nasrid art through its civil constructions.

As remarkable pieces, the visitor could contemplate plasterwork pieces from the Hudid Palace of Santa Clara, Siyâsa, Sisawa and El Castillejo, scale models of the village of Siyâsa, the Hudid Palace of Santa Clara and the Monteagudo Complex, as well as the manuscripts of the History of Bayad and Riyad.


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