Cultural Itinerary of the Almoravids and Almohads

19th March- 18th April, 1999

Pavilion of the Menara, Marrakech, Morocco

October, 1999.Organized with the support of Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

 Nouadhibou. Mauritania

4th- 9th November 1999, with occasion of the Cultural Heritage Conference.

Museum of Louvre, Paris. France

In the different exhibitions, numerous explanatory panels and key pieces illustrating the culture of the two North African dynasties were exhibited, aiming to showcase the role that Andalusia is destined to play as a cultural bridge between Africa and Europe.

The inauguration of the exhibition in Marrakech was followed by an act paying tribute to the poet-king of Seville, al-Mutamid in the town of Agmat where his tomb is located, followed by a concert-meeting celebrated in the Djemaa el Fna Square, in Marrakech, where the rhythms of the Andalusi Orchestra of Tetouan merged with the Flamenco show Flamenco viene del Sur (Flamenco comes from the South).

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