El alma deSgranada. A voyage to the memory of the Kingdom of Granada

From 2011 to 2018

More than 40 travelling exhibitions

No. of Exhibits: 95

The exhibition El alma deSgranada (The deseeded soul) proposes to travel through the memory, wishes to “deseed” the soul of a millennial kingdom, the Kingdom of Granada. In order to achieve it, it takes a tour of the vast heritage of more than eight centuries of history of the Kingdom. (1013 – 1833).

El alma deSgranada portrays a symbiosis of reality and imagination: reality in terms of the physical heritage that undoubtedly survives in this Kingdom, and imagination as to all the elements represented in the photographs, which might have been real, but they are only pieces of fantasy. The script is built on the idea of imagining the life that the patrimonial elements of the Kingdom of Granada might have witnessed, and showing this heritage as a living element, which adapts gradually to the cultures that succeeded each other in that territory. For this purpose , they slip into the Alhambra, Archidona, Castellar de la Frontera, Alhama de Granada, Ronda, Alcalá la Real, Málaga, Almería, Priego, Antequera, etc.: people coming and going, talking, studying, researching, working, eating, praying, playing, teaching, bathing, buying and selling, discussing, laughing or telling and listening to stories. It is a project for all audiences, rigorous for specialists and attractive for the general public, for schoolchildren or adults. Aesthetically, it seeks to engage the viewer and to immerse him in the past, making him reflect on the identity of the Kingdom of Granada.

Travelling exhibition:

Province of Granada: Granada, Motril, Baza, Montefrío, Atarfe, Alhama de Granada, Nigüelas, Ugijar, Chauchina, Orce, Pinos Puente, Lanjarón and Cádiar.
Province of Málaga: Antequera, Archidona, Coín, Fuengirola and Rincón de la Victoria.
Province of Almería: Almería, El Ejido, Abrucena, Cuevas de Almanzora, Fuente Victoria, Vélez Blanco, Canjáyar and Felix.
Province of Jaén: Jaén, Alcalá la Real, Alcaudete, Baños de la Encina, Torredelcampo and Porcuna.
Province of Córdoba: Córdoba, Lucena, Iznájar and Montoro.
Brussels (European Parliament), Brussels, Antwerp y Bruges (Belgium), Cairo (Egypt), Paris and Lion (France) and Jerusalem (Israel).
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