Nearly eight centuries of history of al-Andalus in the Iberian Peninsula have shaped an inheritance that is a part of the hallmarks of Spanish, Mediterranean and European cultures

Cultural Routes of the Council of Europe

The Routes of The legado andalusí are Cultural Route of the Council of Europe


They bring the splendour of the culture of al-Andalus closer to the public

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Cultural Route of the Council of Europe since 1997

The Foundation

Its goal is to disseminate and highlight the heritage of al-Andalus in order to recover that mark of progress and tolerance, creativity and ingenuity that contributed so much to the revival of Europe and to the enrichment of its current identity.


Cultural Itineraries

Cross-border itineraries based on the historical, social and cultural relations of al-Andalus with the Muslim world.



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El legado andalusí has published more than 70 books, of both scientific and educational nature, centred on historical, cultural and tourist subjects.



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UNESCO World Heritage on the Routes of El legado andalusí

Ignacio de las Casas, a morisco wise Jesuit a peacemaker between two worlds


The upheavals that Granadan society experienced in the 16th century, after the uncanny finding of the so-called Sacromonte Leaden Books, and the Morisco issue, gave voice to Jesuit Ignacio de las Casas, he himself of Morisco origin, to search for solutions to the problem of his ancestors.

Montefrío, the horizon as a limit

The area of Montefrío resounds with antiquity; its roots go deep into prehistory and every one of the people that have settled in its places have left their marks in stone. It is one of the attractions on the Route of Washington Irving.

Münzer, a journey through Spain in the sixteenth century


In the year 1495, just three years after the Catholic Monarchs had conquered Granada, a German traveller, Doctor Hieronymus Münzer visited Granada. He left us an important chronicle…

Münzer, a journey through Spain in the sixteenth century.


In the year 1495, just three years after the Catholic Monarchs had conquered Granada, a German traveller, Doctor Jerome Münzer visited Granada. He left us an important chronicle…

From the al-Andalus that still survives

Research focused on the legacy of al-Andalus in Spain has increased over the last years. There are and always will be discrepancies about particular facts of the story of our country, for the perspective …

Antequera: art, history and culture

Between the Torcal Mountains and a vast fertile plain, along the Route of Washington Irving, lies the millennial city of Antequera. Cradle of illustrious characters, forerunner of the Renaissance in southern Spain, and a unique reference of the Andalusian Baroque, Antequera is…

The del Zalabí Valley. A primitive landscape

There are places whose landscape speaks volumes. In the north of the province of Granada, scarcely two kilometres from Guadix, the Valle del Zalabí (Valley of Zalabí) unfolds in a singular historic scene that fascinates the traveller.

Malta’s Mediterranean sayings, a linguistic conundrum

Old sayings in the Mediterrranen region make up an extraordinary linguistic mosaic in the island of Malta.

The African deed of Judar Pasha

Diego de Guevara’s deed, a Moorish born in Cuevas del Almanzora (Almería), established him as Judar Pasha, the military man who seized the mythical Timbuktu from the Songhai Empire.

Ali Bey, or Domingo Badía, a spanish traveller of the enlightenment around the Arab world

Domingo Badía Leblich still lives in documented memory as Godoy’s spy who managed to get into Meca disguised as an Abbasid prince. He entered history as Ali Bey, The traveller.

Al-idrisi and The book of Roger

Norman King Roger II was aware of the many contributions made by Arab in the field of science in al-Andalus, thus he decided to call the famed Andalusí geographer al-Idrisi to the court of Sicily to put him in charge of drafting the largest geographic work ever done, known as the Tabula Rogeriana

Napoleon’s encyclopedia, the richest museum in the world

The military campagin of Egipto also brought along the mission of creating an encyclopedia which implied a formidable catalogation covering all fields. It was know “the richest museum of the world.”

The gold of the Alhambra

On the footshill of the so called “Alhambra Conglomerate” by geologists, we find the remains of a mining prospection dating back to Roman times. It is a spit of land that stretches from the Genil River valley up to Sierra Nevada summits.

Travelling along the Routes of El legado andalusí

Paths that make history. An adventure for the spirit that you can explore by road, on foot or cycling

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