Nearly eight centuries of history of al-Andalus in the Iberian Peninsula have shaped an inheritance that is a part of the hallmarks of Spanish, Mediterranean and European cultures

Cultural Routes of the Council of Europe

The Routes of El legado andalusí are Cultural Route of the Council of Europe


They bring the splendour of the culture of al-Andalus closer to the public

The Routes

Cultural Route of the Council of Europe since 1997

The Foundation

Its goal is to disseminate and highlight the heritage of al-Andalus in order to recover that mark of progress and tolerance, creativity and ingenuity that contributed so much to the revival of Europe and to the enrichment of its current identity.


Cultural Itineraries

Cross-border itineraries based on the historical, social and cultural relations of al-Andalus with the Muslim world.



Publishing Work

El legado andalusí has published more than 70 books, of both scientific and educational nature, centred on historical, cultural and tourist subjects.



Travelling along the Routes of El legado andalusí

Paths that make history. An adventure for the spirit that you can explore by road, on foot or cycling

The silk from Granada

The development of sericulture in Nasrid Granada meant a great economic and therefore social growth; merchants coming from diverse places came to the city to acquire the precious silk of Granada, which, in addition to a commercial exchange, also encouraged a fertile cultural transmission

Sicily and its bequest in the Mediterranean

In the center of the Mare Nostrum, the island of Sicily is a sort of omphalos of the ancient world, where the coastal East and West lands intersect: a transit corner and, at the same time, a place of permanence.

Ibn Firnas, craving to fly

The stories of people who have tried to fly are as old as the world. The best-known account dates back to about 3.400 years, when Icarus died in his attempt.

The music of al-Andalus, a shared legacy

Thanks to the oral tradition, the Arabic-Andalusian music has lasted until today, being transmitted from generation to generation.

The aquatic gardens

From the legendary oriental paradises to the most innovative designs of modern gardening, many changes have occurred in the art of floral decoration.

European Projects

Recognition and Achievements

Agreements and Arrangements

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