Nearly eight centuries of history of al-Andalus in the Iberian Peninsula have shaped an inheritance that is a part of the hallmarks of Spanish, Mediterranean and European cultures

Cultural Routes of the Council of Europe

The Routes of The legado andalusí are Cultural Route of the Council of Europe


They bring the splendour of the culture of al-Andalus closer to the public

The Routes

Cultural Route of the Council of Europe since 1997

The Foundation

Its goal is to disseminate and highlight the heritage of al-Andalus in order to recover that mark of progress and tolerance, creativity and ingenuity that contributed so much to the revival of Europe and to the enrichment of its current identity.


Cultural Itineraries

Cross-border itineraries based on the historical, social and cultural relations of al-Andalus with the Muslim world.



Publishing Work

El legado andalusí has published more than 70 books, of both scientific and educational nature, centred on historical, cultural and tourist subjects.



Baena, in the Highland domains

Located in the Route of the Caliphate, Baena was paramount in the defensive system of the kingdom of Granada during the Reconquest, given the importance of this pathway connecting Cordoba with Granada.

The vanished Arab monuments of Granada

The capital of the Nasrid kingdom was extraordinarily populated for its time, with a considerable architectonic density. At the beginning of the 19th century, there were still many remains that survived from the legendary times of Al-Andalus, and Granada was the city in Spain with the most monuments from its Islamic past.

Niebla, alone and distant

Surrounded by the biggest walled enclosure of Europe, Niebla has important artistic treasures from different eras and distinct backgrounds. Its history deserves to be told.

Benjamin of Tudela: through sacred geography

Benjamin of Tudela was ahead of other famous travellers such as Ibn Jubair or Ibn Battuta, who wrote about their journeys through works known as rihla, a genre in which our author produced his travel book Sefer Masaot. The account, of an anthropological nature, collects observations from …

Zuheros, the memorable view

The especial rocky nature of this village on the Route of the Caliphate glimpsed from afar, let us know in advance the beauty of the place and its marvellous surroundings.

Travelling along the Routes of El legado andalusí

Paths that make history. An adventure for the spirit that you can explore by road, on foot or cycling

European Projects

Recognition and Achievements

Agreements and Arrangements

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