Travelling images towards 1904. Andalusia in the postcards of Photoglob Co. Zürich

4 July-20 September, 2018

Rectorate building of the Córdoba University, Córdoba

Postcards on display: 250

31 October-13 December, 2018

Museum Casa de los Tiros, Granada

Visitors: 6.350

Images on display: over 300

In the early 20th century, illustrated postcards were a remarkable cultural phenomenon, forerunner of the images that today travel across the internet together with brief texts. For the first time, around 300 postcards edited by the Swiss firm Photoglob Co. Zürich showing Andalusia circa 1904, were collected in this exhibition.

Postcards, as a novel means of communication, together with travel or guide books, invited to visit Andalusia and made the region known by showing a new cultural and artistic significance, rediscovering landscapes, urban silhouettes, monuments, customs and other curiosities from a diversity of points of view.

The exhibition, curated by the Architect Antonio Gámiz (University of Seville), is accompanied by a catalogue in Spanish and English introducing more than 350 images of Andalusia at the beginning of 20th century.

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