El legado andalusí. An artistic proposition


Headquarters of the Andalusian Legacy Foundation. Edificio Corral del Carbón. Mariana Pineda, Street. Granada

The expressiveness of the Andalusian landscape, undergirded by the cultural vestiges of the people who lived on it, the lyrical descriptions of travellers and the remnants of the culture of al-Andalus together mark the starting point for eleven artists of recognised prestige to reflect in their works the spirit of the routes of El legado andalusí.

Juan Manuel Brazam, Jesús Conde, José Manuel Darro, Manuel Gómez Rivero, Alejandro Gorafe, Julio Juste, María Teresa Martín-Vivaldi, Miguel Rodríguez-Acosta, Juan Vida, Xaverio and Emilio Zurita all direct their attention toward these routes and make a unique artistic proposition, a painting collection which is one of the most valuable assets of the Foundation El legado andalusí.

Colours plunge us into gardens, deserts, seas, fortresses, and sacred places… Materials take us to the impressive Andalusian natural environment. The symbolism and complicity with which the artists address these itineraries will draw the attention of future wayfarers, and paintings, one after another, will allow them to undertake a nearly infinite journey.

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