Architecture of al-Andalus. Spaces and visions.

25 May-15 July 2018

Palacio Abacial, Alcalá la Real. Jaén

No. of exhibits: 28

30 January-8 March 2019

CAM Foundation Cultural Center. Orihuela, Alicante

No. of exhibits: 40

Many of the traces of al-Andalus are still alive and have become part of our environment. One of the most obvious and tangible ones is the architectural heritage. In addition to urban planning, in the Iberian Peninsula the visitor can still admire multiple constructions built between the 8th and 15th centuries –during the period of al-Andalus– which offer valuable information on the culture in which they occurred.

This exhibition showed what Andalusi architecture was like by setting the visitor in front of cisterns, baths, mosques and oratories, minarets, houses, alcazabas (citadels), palaces, walls, towers, gates, bridges, alhóndigas (corn markets), etc., either located in small towns and villages or in the great cities of that period. All these spaces are part of our identity and bring delight and recreation for our senses.

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