European Projects

An outstanding activity of El legado andalusí Foundation, resulting from the cross-border nature of its objectives, is the attainment of different projects that get framed within the European development programs launched by the European Union.

El legado andalusí is a leading institution in Andalusia in terms of management of projects and funds of the European Union, and has lead and participated in more than 25 European projects.

The synergy arose from the collaboration between the Foundation and other national and international institutions has brought along the development of cultural, tourist and social projects that have implied a significant socio-economic impact in the region of Andalusia.


Project co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF)

La El legado andalusí Foundation leads the Europe-funded Best Med Path project, which broadly aims to combat seasonality and tourist agglomeration

Project “Empleaverde environmental, sustainable and accessible Routes”

Program Empleaverde, managed by the Spanish Ministry for Ecological Transition (Spanish Government) –European Social Fund

This training project was designed to offer support to workers and was aimed at improving their adaptation to labour market and increasing their skills in the transition to…

Project “ENFEM, for a better integration of immigrant women”

ASYLUM. Migration and integration fund of the UE

The priority of this project, led by an Italian association, was to fight any form of intolerance, racism and Islamophobia by adopting preventive measures and designing activities aimed…

Project “Tourist Guides in Sign Language”

Program Erasmus K2

El legado andalusí Andalusian Public Foundation participated as a partner in the European project “Tourist Guides in Sign Language” (Erasmus K2 Program). It worked towards opening the way headed for a new professional training …

Project “Innovation development. T-GUIDE. Tour guides for people with intellectual disabilities and learning problems in Europe”

Program Leonardo da Vinci. Lifelong Learning Program

The role of guides as mediators between tourists and their destination is quite important in …

Project “Improvement of the cohesion of the Mediterranean territory through the configuration of the tourist-cultural Itinerary (UMAYYAD)”

Program ENPI CBC MED Cross-Border cooperation in the Mediterranean

The project was framed within the Multilateral Cross-Border Cooperation Program “Mediterranean Basin”, run by the European Neighbourhood Policy …



The Foundation participated in a consortium along with partners from 5 European countries. It was a project …



Florence City Council led this INNOCRAFTS project. Under this acronym there was an innovative program that aimed to share experiences …



In the framework of the Interreg IV C Program, this project was born as an initiative of a previous transnational project …

Promotion and improvement of the tourist sector employees ofGranada

Employment workshop of the Regional Government of Andalusia, Co-Financed by the European Social Fund

During one year long, 15 unemployed people received training in the area of tourism in the Pavilion of al-Andalus …


Cross-Border Cooperation Program Spain External Borders (POCTEFEX)

The modernization of the crafts sector in the region of the Straits of Gibraltar was the main objective of “ZOCO SIGLO XXI” (Suq, 21st century). For this purpose, the introduction …

“AASHARA” Project

Cross-Border Cooperation Program Spain External Borders (POCTEFEX)

The project sought to promote a harmonious socio-economic and environmental development, trying to contribute to a greater …


Cross-Border Cooperation Program Spain External Borders (POCTEFEX)

The Commemoration of the First Millennium of the Foundation of the Kingdom of Granada received important financial support through …

Project “Say Cheese. Social Inclusion through Photography”


Although GRUNDTVIG Program was intended for education and training, the project focused on this training as an instrument …

Project “European network for the improvement of female employment in cultural tourism”

Euroempleo Program, Co-funded by the European Social Fund

The main objective of the project was the creation of a European network for the improvement of female employability and competitiveness …

Project“Implementation of the Route of Al-Mutamid”

Cross-Border Cooperation Program Spain-Portugal 2007-2013 (POCTEP)

This project was part of the Spain-Portugal Cross-Border Cooperation Program 2007-2013 and was co-financed …

Project “CITETUR”

Cross-Border Cooperation Program Spain External Borders (POCTEFEX)

CITETUR project was led by El legado andalusí Andalusian Public Foundation. It was financed with ERDF funds, within…

“Equipment and contents for the Pavilion of Al-Andalus and Science”

Integrated operational program Andalucía 2000- 2006. Medida 5.7 FEDER

In this call for the ERDF program, funds were obtained for the supply of equipment and contents…

Project “QANTARA. Mediterranean Heritage. Eastern and Western Crossings”

Program Euromed Heritage IV

The Arab World Institute of Paris led this project framed in the Euromed Heritage program. Its main objective was to contribute to …

Project “European Cultural Tourism Network. ECTN”


ECTN was a pioneer project in constituting a network capable of joining tourism and the industry of cultural professionals in different …

Project “SUVOT: Sustainable Development Tourism”


The SUVOT project spread and shared the experience that the Province of Rimini had previously gathered in the framework of the project …

Project “Tela di Aracne”


“Tela di Aracne” was a project led by the Italian region of Tuscany that established as its main objective the development and revival of the original textile…

Project “FOMCIC: Promotion of the Cooperation through Cultural Itineraries”

Program INTERREG III-A Spain – Morocco

The main objective of the FOMCIC project was to strengthen cultural and business cooperation between Spain …

Project“ECO TOURISM. Places and traditions”


The main objective of the project “Ecotourism: Places and Traditions” was the improvement in the management and execution of policies aimed …

Project “Anthropology in action”

Program Leonardo da Vinci- Mobility

The promoter of this mobility Project was Artemisszió Foundation (Hungary). The objective of the project was …

Project “Training module of The Cultural Itinerary of the Almoravids and Almohads”

Program Connect XXII

The Foundation introduced a small educational exhibition of the Cultural Route of the Almoravids and Almohads …

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