History of Exhibitions

E terris ad astra. A scientific heritage

14th December 2020 – 9th April, 2021. Crossing of the Hospital Real, Granada

It proposes an approach in the scientific world of al-Andalus through a wide selection of pieces that belong to the collections of the Foundation and the UGR. This broad historical overview focuses on significant aspects of the science in al-Andalus: astronomy, mathematics, geography, navigation, physics, optics, chemistry, …

Architecture of al-Andalus. Spaces and visions

From 5 October 2020 to 30 January 2021. Cuarto Real de Santo Domingo, Granada

This exhibition shows what the architecture of al-Andalus was like through the existing cisterns, baths, mosques and oratories, minarets, houses, …

Washington Irving. An epic journey. From 1928 to 1929. An epic journey, from 1828 to 1829

17 September, 2020 – 15 January, 2021. Casa de Zafra. Granada

This exhibition aims to pay a tribute to Washington Irving (1783-1859), the North-American writer and traveller who universalized…

Madinat Garnata

From May 2017. Currently ongoing Corral del Carbón. Granada

Organized by El legado andalusí Andalusian Public Foundation and the Council of the Alhambra and Generalife in collaboration with …

The Moriscos in the Kingdom of Granada

From 19 December 2019 to 31 March 2020 Cuarto Real de Santo Domingo, Granada

Organized and curated by the Andalusian Public Foundation El legado andalusí, the exhibition reveals who were the Moriscos of the Kingdom of Granada, what their society was like, their customs and …

Science in al-Andalus

17 September, 2020 – 15 January, 2021. Palace of Dar al-Horra, Granada

This exhibition arises from the collaboration between El legado andalusí Andalusian Public Foundation and the Council of the Alhambra and Generalife with …

Baths in al-Andalus

From 5 December 2019 to 1 March, 2020 Museum Casa de los Tiros. Granada

This exhibition brings us closer to the history of the Arab baths orhamman, the most popular and common buildings in the daily life of the cities of al-Andalus. Where a new settlement or urban center was established,

El legado andalusí. A Plastic Proposal

From 14 November, 2019 to 31 January 2020 Casa de Zafra. Granada

The exhibition El legado andalusi. A plastic proposal, located in the Moorish house of Zafra in the lower Albayzin district, reveals the artistic interpretation of the Routes of El legado andalusi, consisting

Art and culinary uses

13th December 2018 – 17th March 2019 Almería Museum. Almería

During the period of al-Andalus, between the 8th and 15th centuries, the population’s diet underwent significant changes. New ingredients and crops arrived from …

Travelling images towards 1904. Travelling images towards 1904. Andalusia in the postcards of Photoglob Co.

4th July – 20th September, 2018 Rectorate building of the Córdoba University, Córdoba

In the early 20th century, illustrated postcards were a remarkable cultural phenomenon, forerunner of the images that today travel across the internet together with …

The Moriscos in the Kingdom of Granada

7th September – 31th October 2018 Congress and Exhibition Center of Ronda. Málaga

The exhibition The Moriscos in the Kingdom of Granada commemorated the 450th anniversary of the beginning of the Rebellion in the Alpujarras (1568-1570) –which confronted…

Architecture of al-Andalus

30th January – 8th March 2019 CAM Foundation Cultural Center. Orihuela, Alicante.
25th May-15th July 2018. Palacio Abacial, Alcalá la Real. Jaén.

Many of the traces of al-Andalus are still alive and have become part of our environment. One of the most obvious and tangible ones is …

Paradises in the ancient South

From 24 May to 26 June, 2013 Pavilion of al-Andalus and Science. Parque de las Ciencias, Granada

Andalusia and the Maghreb are surprising when talking about gardening. The fact that many of the gardens that were created more than seven centuries ago still survive in these regions, is an oddity that …

Motril and the sugar: Landscape, history and heritage

19th July 2013 – 10th January 2014 “Almacén de Azúcar” exhibition hall. Former sugar factory “Nuestra Señora del Pilar”. Granada

The exhibition Motril and the sugar. Landscape, history and heritage proposed a historical tour through the Guadalfeo river plain, one of the most characteristic enclaves of …

Art and Cultures of al-Andalus The power of the Alhambra

From December 2013 – 30 March 2014 Palace of Charles V. Monumental Complex of the Alhambra and Generalife, Granada

This exhibition highlighted the achievements made in al-Andalus between the 11th and 15th centuries, and analyzed the evolution of its many artistic, scientific and cultural manifestations, emphasizing…

One thousand years of Madinat Ilbira

4th October 2013- 16th February 2014 Leonardo Exhibition Hall. Parque de las Ciencias, Granada

Madinat Ilbira (Medina Elvira) is an archaeological site that conceals the remains of one of the first cities of al-Andalus and covers …

El alma deSgranada

From 2011 to 2018 More than 40 travelling exhibitions

The exhibition El alma deSgranada (The deseeded soul) proposes to travel through the memory, wishes to “deseed” the soul of a millennial kingdom, the Kingdom of Granada. In order …

Moriscos. History of a minority

13 May-14 June de 2009. Pavilion of al-Andalus and Science. Parque de las Ciencias, Granada

On the occasion of the celebration of the International Congress on Moriscos in the Pavilion of al-Andalus and Science (Parque de las Ciencias of Granada), and simultaneously with this event, El legado andalusí Foundation …

Ensoñaciones de al-Andalus (Daydreams of al-Andalus). The Routes of El legado andalusí

During 2009 and 2010. Pavilion of al-Andalus and Science (Granada)

The artist Augusto Moreno worked on the creation of atmospheres, and that is precisely the mark that the Routes of El legado andalusi …

Crossing Itineraries. Andalusia and Rif-Djebala

June-September, 2014 Pavilion of al-Andalus and Science, Parque de las Ciencias de Granada

June 2014. Andalusian Council of Chambers of Commerce of Andalusia

The exhibition Crossing Itineraries: Andalusia and the Rif-Djebala set off on a journey throughout the common history that …

La Mirada del Viajero (The traveller’s look)

Photography contest. Since 2006 (annual competition)

“Walking the paths that someone else has already walked is always easier than making a new trail, especially if the paths traced survive …

Pavilion of al-Andalus and Science

3rd November, 2009 – 30th September, 2016 Parque de las Ciencias, Granada

The Pavilion of al-Andalus and Science offered the visitor a wide vision of the Arab-Muslim scientific legacy and …

Qantara. Mediterranean Heritage. Transversality between West and East

From October to January 2009 Pavilion of al-Andalus and Science. Parque de las Ciencias. Granada

This exhibition was one of the end products of the European project Qantara, comprised within the European Commission’s Euromed Heritage Program and led by …

Lines in gold. Ottoman Calligraphy from the Sakip Sabanci Museum of Istanbul

4th April – 15th June, 2008 Real Alcázar, Seville

This exhibition gathered together a selection of 96 pieces belonging to this prestigious calligraphy collection consisting of almost 400 works …

Lands of Olive Groves

12th December 2007-27th April, 2008 Úbeda, Baeza, Baena and Jaén.

The exhibitionLands of Olive Groves was conceived as a top-level national and international event to be held in the provinces of Jaén and Córdoba. In this …

Ibn Khaldun. Between al-Andalus and Egypt

6th February-25th March, 2008 Emir Taz Palace, Cairo.

In the context of the official visit that Their Majesties the Kings of Spain paid to Egypt, the inauguration of the exhibition Ibn Khaldun, between al-Andalus and Egyptwas undertaken, its objective …

Ibn Khaldun. Between al-Andalus and Argelia

13th March-31st May, 2007 Palace of Culture “Moufdi Zakaria”, Algiers

The exhibition Ibn Khaldun. was conceived as a review of the political, economic and social relations between East and West and between Europe …

Encounter of civilizations: Ibn Khaldun

18th December-17th January, 2007 United Nations Headquarters, New York

The exhibition Encounter of Civilizations: Ibn Khaldun that opened its doors on December 18th, 2006 at the United Nations headquarters in New York meant …

Ibn Khaldun. The Mediterranean in the 14th century

21st November 2006- 28th January 2007 National Library of Tunis

The exhibition Ibn Khaldun. The Mediterranean in the 14th century that was opened in November 2006 in the National Library of Tunis, represented an overview of the political, economic and social relations between …

Ibn Khaldun. The Mediterranean in the 14th century: Rise and Fall of the Empires.

19th May-30th September, 2006 Real Alcázar, Seville Sevilla

The exhibition Ibn Khaldun, the Mediterranean in the 14th century: Rise and fall of the empireswas conceived as an overview of the political, economic and social relations between the East and …

Morocco and Spain. A common history

January-March, 2005 Royal Theatre, Marrakech. Morocco

May-June, 2005 Exhibition Hall of Cervantes Institute, Tangier. Morocco

The exhibition, jointly organized with SEACEX (State Society for Foreign Cultural Action), was inaugurated by Their Majesties the Kings of …

Al-Andalus and science. A trip to the scientific past.

April, 2004- November, 2008 Pavilion Péndulo de Foucault. Parque de las Ciencias Granada. Granada

From 2008, PERMANENT EXHIBITION in Pavilion of al-Andalus and Science. Parque de las Ciencias. Granada

Through an innovative exhibition approach and the use of different interactive modules, the exhibition Al-Andalus and Science. A trip …

Triangle of al-Andalus

13th October 2003 – 19th January, 2004 Kasbah of the Udayas, Rabat (Morocco)

The exhibition Triangle of al-Andalus was celebrated in Rabat (Morocco) on the occasion of the celebration of this city as the Capital of Arab Culture in 2003. It was …

Colours of Morocco

March, 2004. Museum Casa de los Tiros (Granada) and other travelling exhibitions

This photo exhibition by the photographer Henry Kneuer awaked the sensations aroused by the colours of the Kingdom of Morocco.

Morocco. By Harry Gruyaert.

February-March, 2003 Rodríguez Acosta Foundation. Granada

Photo exhibition by Harry Gruyaert in collaboration with Magnun Photos Agency that showed this author’s view of the Kingdom of Morocco.

The Mudejar Art in Latin America and the Routes of al-Andalus

2003. Reyes Católicos Spanish Educational Cultural Center, Bogotá. Colombia

The objective of this cultural exhibition was to disseminate Spanish culture in America through the Mudejar art present in the different Latin-American territories: Colombia, Bolivia, Mexico and the Caribbean islands.

Cultural Itinerary of Mudejar Art, Synthesis of Cultures

This exhibition underlined the relevance and influence of a broad historical heritage shared by Spain and Mexico through the Spanish-American Mudejar Art,


2001 and 2002 Travelling exhibition: Granada, Damascus (Syria), Alexandria and Cairo (Egypt)

El legado andalusí collaborated in this painting exhibition by the artist José Manuel Darro.

The Splendour of Cordovan Umayyads

3rd May – 30th September, 2001Madinat al-Zahra. Cordoba

This exhibition, organized by the Regional Ministry of Culture of the Regional Government of Andalusia through the El legado andalusí Foundation, was housed in the archaeological site of …

The Andalucías: From Damascus to Cordoba

27th November- 15th April, 2001 Headquarters of IMA. París

The exhibition was an invitation to discover the panorama of the arts that flourished in al-Andalus between the 8th and 11th centuries. The exhibition was divided up in three large thematic areas: the first …

Drawing contest El legado andalusí for young people El legado andalusí

Spring, 2000 Granada City Hall

Summer, 2000. Cordoba Municipal Hostel

El legado andalusí Foundation organized in 2000 a Writing and Drawing Contest for young people focused on the Route of the Caliphate. As a result of this call, more than 1,000 drawings ..

The Routes and Cultural Itineraries of El legado andalusí

August, 2000 Universal Exhibition of Hannover (Germany)
August, 2005 Universal Exhibition of Aichi (Japan)

This exhibition, consisting of explanatory panels, disclosed the Cultural Itineraries and the Routes of al-Andalus in the Spanish Pavilion of the Universal Exposition..

Cultural Itinerary of the Almoravids and Almohads

19th March- 18th April, 1999 Pavilion of the Menara, Marrakech, Morocco Morocco
October, 1999.Organized with the support of Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs Nouadhibou. Mauritania
4th- 9th November, 1999, with occasion of the Cultural Heritage Conference Museum of Louvre, Paris. France

In the different exhibitions, numerous explanatory panels and key pieces illustrating the culture of the two …

El legado andalusí. Cultural Itineraries

October, 1998. Unesco Headquarters. Paris.
September, 1999. Puerto de Santa María (Cádiz)
March, 2003. Space Actua. Casablanca (Morocco)
October, 2004. Essaouira (Morocco)

Morisco houses in the Albayzin of Granada

19th June – al 6th July, 1997 Casa de Zafra. Granada

This group of Morisco (Moorish) Houses located in the Albayzin district of Granada are part of the vast cultural heritage that the civilization of al-Andalus has left us. They are constructions with a high …

Architecture in al-Andalus. Documents for the 21st century Documents for the 21st century

Travelling exhibitions since 1998: Granada, Paris (UNESCO), Albarracín (Teruel), Coín (Málaga), Pakistan, Tunis, Doha (Qatar), Teheran (Iran), Abu Dhabi (United Arab Emirates), Nagoya (Japan), Nouakchott (Mauritania) and Khartoum (Sudan).

El legado andalusí

Travelling exhibitions between 1996 and 2002: Vélez Málaga, Rincón de la Victoria (Málaga), Granada (Palace of Bibataubín), Madrid (FITUR), Jerez de la Frontera (Alcazar).

These thematic exhibitions brought the culture of al-Andalus and its heritage closer to the public by making use of exhibition resources such as photographs, replicas of …

Andalusia: History, life and traditions

10th – 25th February, 1996 Ifagra Fairground. Granada.

On the occasion of the Sierra Nevada Alpine World Ski Championships, this exhibition was conceived as a true showcase to …

Aromas of al-Andalus

12th January – 3rd March, 1996 The Madrasa. Granada

This exhibition plunged the visitor in the world of smells of al-Andalus. It was an imaginary journey through the most important enclaves of a city of al-Andalus, …

El legado andalusí. The art of living

26th September, 1995 – 7th January, 1996 Madrid. City Museum. Madrid. City Museum.

10th – 25th February, 1996 IFAGRA Fairground, Armilla (Granada) Granada

Their Majesties the Kings of Spain, Don Juan Carlos and Doña Sofía inaugurated this exhibition in Madrid, entitled El legado andalusí, the art of living.

The Islamic Art of Granada and its Kingdom

1st April – 30th September, 1995 La Alhambra. Palace of Charles V. Granada.

The main focus of the exhibition was on the artistic production generated in the last Muslim kingdom of the Iberian Peninsula, the Nasrid kingdom between 1238 and 1492. It sought to …

Music and poetry in southern al-Andalus

1st April – 15th July, 1995 Real Alcázar, Seville Sevilla

This exhibition revolved around the figure of the poet king al-Mutamid, whose literary production filled the entire 11th century. With this exhibition, the city of Seville paid …

Houses and Palaces of al-Andalus. 12th and 13th centuries

1st April – 15th July, 1995 Convent of Las Verónicas. Murcia

This exhibition deepened into the comprehension of the residential architecture of al-Andalus during the 12th and 13th centuries. It proposed a reflection …

The Romantic image of El legado andalusí

1st April – 15th July, 1995 Casa de la Cultura, Almuñécar. Granada

The exhibition rendered an extrapolated image of the history and culture of al-Andalus from the origins of the Islamic civilization to the decline …

The scientific legacy of al-Andalus

1st April – 15th July, 1995 Palacio de Mondragón, Ronda. Málaga

This exhibition focused on the mathematical and scientific knowledge that enabled the great discoveries of the 15th century, going through …

Al-Andalus and the Mediterranean

1st April – 15th July, 1995 Casa de la Cultura, Algeciras. Cádiz

1st April – 15th July, 1995 Cádiz Provincial Museum Cádiz.

These exhibitions introduced an overall view of different aspects of the civilization of al-Andalus associated to the Mediterranean Sea. The presence of……

Al-Andalus and the horse

1st April – 15 July, 1995 Cloister of Santo Domingo, Jerez de la Frontera. Cádiz

This exhibition brought together all the aspects related to the world of the Arabian horse in Spain. Its origins, breeds, tacks and saddles of different styles …

El agua y la agricultura de al-Andalus

1st April – 15th July, 1995 Alcazaba, Almería.

The guiding thread of this exhibition was water provision for agriculture, a unique occasion for introducing the great agricultural and technological innovations …

The souk: Economic life and traditional arts in al-Andalus and Morocco

1st April – 15th July, 1995 Castle of Santa Catalina and Palace of Villardompardo. Jaén. Jaén.

This exhibition showed the economic situation of the town in al-Andalus. In addition to pieces of unquestionable artistic value, it offered the possibility of contemplating a souk…

Ibero-American Mudejar: From the Islam to the New World

1st April – 15th July, 1995 Palacio Episcopal. Málaga Málaga
June and July, 1996 Theatre Mohammed V. Rabat. (Morocco)
19th December 1996 – 16th February, 1997 Institute of America. Santa Fe (Granada).

The aim of this exhibition was to highlight the cultural importance of the Muslim world, its evolution, its development …

El legado andalusí: A plastic proposal

From March, 1995 Travelling exhibitions: Granada, Córdoba, Nantes (France), Guadix, Bailén, Motril, Rincón de la Victoria, Priego de Córdoba, Osuna, Baza, Dalias, Torre del Campo, Castillo de Locubín, Medina Sidonia and Madrid

In this travelling exhibition, eleven Andalusian artists, …

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