Some of the most outstanding activities that the Foundation has conducted in pursuit of the dissemination of culture are thematic exhibitions, both permanent and travelling. At a national and international level, multiple exhibitions have been organized in order to bring the great splendour of the heritage of al-Andalus closer to the public. Traditions, economic life, art, science, architecture, history, images, itineraries, cities and the relevant characters of that period are some of the topics that have been revealed by the foundation to the visitor during all these years.

From the outset, El legado andalusí has organized a large number of thematic exhibitions across 22 countries: Spain, France, Germany, Morocco, Tunisia, Mauritania, Pakistan, Japan, Mexico, Colombia, United States, Belgium, Algeria, Egypt, Israel, Qatar, Iran, United Arab Emirates, Palestine, Lebanon, Sudan and Syria.

These exhibitions have been visited by more than four million people and have meant one of the largest movements of museum pieces ever made, both national and internationally.

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