At the 2024 International Tourism Fair (FITUR), the Routes of El legado andalusi maintain their status as a cornerstone of cultural tourism in Andalusia. With the prestigious recognition as the top exhibitor of the autonomous community in the Andalusian Pavilion, this cultural route, acknowledged by the Council of Europe, has drawn visitors, entrepreneurs, and cultural tourism enthusiasts throughout the event’s five-day duration.


This year, the Cultural Routes of El legado andalusí have once again showcased their capacity to adapt to the emerging trends in the sector. Throughout the event, significant agreements have been forged with entrepreneurs interested in various facets of the product, paving the way for new opportunities in the tourism development of the Routes.

Among the new offerings, the innovative focus on the night sky shines through with the introduction of “Astronomical Tourism: The Skies of al-Andalus”. The municipalities comprising the Routes of El legado andalusí boast dark skies, free from the light pollution of urban areas, creating an ideal setting for stargazing. This distinct proposal pledges to immerse visitors in a spectacular experience, fusing the region’s rich history with the enchantment of the stars.

Another exciting addition is “Motorcycling in the Routes of El legado andalusí”. Embracing the growing trend of motorcycle tourism, these routes provide paths away from the typical crowded roads, leading adventurers to remote and undiscovered locations. This form of tourism allows for leisurely drives, breathtaking scenery, encounters with historical heritage along the way, and, naturally, opportunities to savour the exquisite local gastronomy.

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