Eleven prominent artists undertake a reinterpretation of the Andalusian landscapes and the cultural legacy of the people who inhabited them.

From today, the Corral del Carbón is hosting the exhibition ‘El legado andalusí. An artistic proposition’, title of this collection and flagship of this Foundation, which has been inaugurated by the managing director, Concha de Santa Ana, in an event attended by the territorial delegate of Culture, Antonio Granados, the director of the Council of La Alhambra and El Generalife, Rocío Díaz and the general director for Global Action of the Regional Government of Andalusia, Rosario Alarcón.

The exhibition is made up of eleven works whose creators materialize their particular interpretation of the Routes of El legado andalusí. Juan Manuel Brazam, Jesús Conde, José Manuel Darro, Manuel Gómez Rivero, Alejandro Gorafe, Julio Juste, María Teresa Martín-Vivaldi, Miguel Rodríguez-Acosta, Juan Vida, Xaverio and Emilio Zurita, who were inspired by the Andalusian landscapes, the cultural legacy of the peoples who inhabited them or the descriptions made by many travellers, such as Washington Irving, who gave his name to the route that connects La Rábida and Seville with Granada, retracing the steps of his personal journey.

The works, which now form part of the Foundation’s own collection, were commissioned around 1995 by the director at that time, Mr. Jerónimo Páez, from these artists, who used wide-ranging techniques and materials for their execution: oil, collage, compositions on metal supports, sackcloth, or a polychromatic creation of stone and earth, as in the case of the technique known as ‘petral’ used by the artist Xaverio, based on sediments found in the lands of the Alpujarras.

This is how this unique artistic proposition was conceived, through which the visitor can travel through orchards, deserts, seas, fortresses and sacred places, all in a unique enclave: the Corral del Carbón, the old Nasrid alhóndiga, an ideal setting to house these works inspired considerably by the legacy of al-Andalus.

In this way, the El legado andalusí Foundation connects this cultural proposition with the historical routes and itineraries that cross the entire Andalusian region, and which are one of its hallmarks, routes that also link the Andalusian territory with the rest of the cultures of the Mediterranean.

In this sense, the Foundation’s work on its Cultural Routes and Itineraries is being strengthened through its participation in a European project for the dissemination of UNESCO World Heritage monuments and sites on the Routes through the use of the most innovative technologies. In addition to this, another project on sustainable tourism led by El legado, provides tools for the consolidation of sustainability in cultural heritage tourism in the Mediterranean.

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