The exhibition “Gardens: Heritage and Dreams” has received nearly 90,000 visitors since its opening on December 2022 until June 4th, 2023, at the Andalusian Public Foundation’s headquarters in the Corral del Carbón, Granada. Gardens. Heritage and dreams has had as a novelty the use of new technologies, being part of the iHERITAGE project, funded by the European Union, which promotes the improvement in the interpretation of the Mediterranean cultural heritage of UNESCO. Thus, holographic projections of the evolution of the Generalife and virtual archaeological constructions were presented, among other novelties.

The exhibition was curated by botanical expert José Tito Rojo from the University of Granada and the Granadan artist Maria Teresa Martín Vivaldi, who recreated an Andalusi garden and whose motifs covered the walls of the room, so visitors got immersed in the enchanting world of a garden in al-Andalus. A captivating visual journey showcased various artworks, including Santiago Rusiñol’s “Arquitectura verde” and Manuel Ángeles Ortiz,s “Paseo de los Cipreses”, along with historical photographs and plans of renowned gardens, the iconic basin of al-Hakam, which was probably built for the palatine city of Madinat al-Zahra, miniatures from the manuscript “Bayad and Riyad”, kept in the Vatican Library, and a collection of gardening-related artifacts.

More information about the exhibition: Gardens. Heritage and dreams

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