The exhibition Gardens. Heritage and dreams has been inaugurated today 2nd December by the Vice-Minister of Tourism, Culture and Sport of the Regional Government of Andalusia, Mr. Víctor Manuel González García and the Managing Director of El legado andalusí Foundation, María de la Concepción de Santa Ana.

The exhibition has been developed and devised by El legado andalusí Andalusian Public Foundation within the framework of iHeritage Project, ICT Mediterranean platform for UNESCO cultural heritage, which is co-financed by the European Union through the ENI CBC MED Programme.

Curated by the artist María Teresa Martín-Vivaldi and the Botany University Professor José Tito Rojo, the exhibition reflects on the values of the garden, as well as the numerous connections existing between European gardens, with special emphasis on the gardens of the heritage of al-Andalus and the Mediterranean.

The exhibition combines the concepts of garden and heritage, as reflected in the very title. It is an invitation to visitors to reflect on the garden as an ornamental and heritage element We will immerse ourselves in real and imaginary gardens, made of paper, stone, sound and music, gardens for children, gardens in engravings, in painting, in photography, gardens that have inspired all the arts, and even gardens recreated using the latest technologies, along the lines outlined by the European project iHERITAGE.

There is room for very diverse elements, which despite their heterogeneity, dialogue perfectly with each other: we will find real plants, of course, but also works of art, ancient photographs, museum objects, books, and as a differentiating element, high-tech devices, such as holographies and virtual archaeological reconstructions that will show the latest results of research in heritage sites recognised by UNESCO.


Further information: Gardens. Heritage and dreams

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