Cross-Border Cooperation Program Spain External Borders (POCTEFEX)

Implementation period: 2012-2013

The Commemoration of the First Millennium of the Foundation of the Kingdom of Granada received important financial support through ERDF funds, within the cross-border program Spain-External Borders (POCTEFEX). CULTURMIL2013 spread five main lines of action: the creation of a network of Andalusian and Moroccan cultural industries; the promotion of mutual knowledge among young people of both societies by involving them in the dissemination of their common history; the creation of a “Millennium Cultures Festival”; the encouragement of the use of new technologies in the Andalusian and Moroccan cultural industries; and finally, the development of wide-reaching dissemination campaign and a communication plan to spread the extensive program of activities offered by the project.

Partners: Consortium for the Commemoration of the First Millennial of the Foundation of Kingdom of Granada (leader), El legado andalusí Andalusian Public Foundation and Al-Andalus Cultural Center in Tetouan.

Countries:Spain and Morocco.

More infomation:http://culturmil2013.eu/

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