Implementation period: 2012-2014

Florence City Council led this INNOCRAFTS project. Under this acronym there was an innovative program that aimed to share experiences and exchange policies aimed at the creation of new companies, innovative products as well as the launch and activation of new markets within the crafts sector.

Partners: Florence City Council (Italy), El legado andalusí Andalusian Public Foundation, National Association of Municipalities of the Tuscany Region, French National Institute of Arts and Crafts, Bistrita Municipality, Regional Association of Municipalities “Central Stara Planina”, Municipality of Burgas, Barcelona Chamber of Commerce, Art and Design School of the University of Aalto, Riga City Council, Vilnius Old Town Renewal Agency, Reims City Council, Ireland Crafts Council, Budapest Enterprise Agency and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovakia.

Countries: Italy, France, Spain, Bulgaria, Romania, Finland, Latvia, Lithuania, Ireland, Slovakia and Hungary.

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