Project “European network for the improvement of female employment in cultural tourism”

Euroempleo Program, Co-funded by the European Social Fund

Implementation period: 2010-2012

The main objective of the project was the creation of a European network for the improvement of female employability and competitiveness in the cultural tourism sector. The network was born with the intention of permanence over time, and focused its actions on the exchange of good practices on two main subjects: the improvement of social responsibility in cultural tourism (especially referring to gender equality) and the strengthening of the processes that generate tourist professions in rural areas with cultural heritage.

Partners: El legado andalusí Andalusian Public Foundation (leader), Associação de Desenvolvimiento Rural Integrado, Associação de Desenvolvimiento Terras do Regadio, La Rotta dei Fenici, Via Francigena, Javni Zavod, The Route of the Olive Tree, European Institute of Cultural Routes.

Countries: Spain, Portugal, Slovenia, Luxembourg, Greece and Italy

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