The Foundation El legado andalusí achieves its main goals, by means of a variety of activities, which show the project’s nature along its almost twenty years of existence.

• To disseminate the role played in history by Spain and Andalusia as a cultural bridge between East and West and its relations with the Mediterranean and Latin American countries.

• To strengthen our relations with all these countries based on our common history.

• To assist in the task of making of that history and common patrimony a tool to improve our perception of each other and establish a series of relations that may help to achieve a more human and supportive world.

• The recovery of knowledge of the civilization of Al-Andalus and the dissemination of its cultural heritage, as an integral part of our defining identity.

• To enhance the rich monumental and artistic heritage of Al-Andalus.

• To promote cultural and rural tourism, care for the environment, and the traditional arts and crafts related to Al-Andalus.

• Creation and putting to effect the Routes of El legado andalusí throughout the geography of Andalusia, and beyond its frontiers, across some 200 towns and villages.

• Creation of a network of Cultural Itineraries which lend meaning to cooperation and dialogue among the parties involved; a true encounter which takes place both within the national and international public spheres, in civil society, so as to disseminate a common patrimony and history which creates ties and solidarity among people. The actions carried out by El legado andalusí within this framework are based on cultural cooperation, through interchange among the member countries.

• Promoting the relationships and collaboration among the different countries included in the Itineraries, hence consolidating the transnational nature of El legado andalusí.

• Holding thematic exhibitions to showcase the splendour and contributions of the civilization of Al-Andalus in the fields of history, daily life, figures, architecture, art, literature and science at both national and international levels.

• Cataloguing the architectural heritage from the period of Al-Andalus. The contribution of El legado andalusí in this field has been set down in several studies and publications

• Organization of cultural events, musical performances and other encounters that may contribute to disseminate this cultural heritage.

• Publication of works of a scientific and educational nature related to Al-Andalus, the Arab and Mediterranean worlds as well as Latin America.

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