The Andalusian Public Foundation El legado andalusí was created to showcase a significant part of the history of Spain and Andalusia. The cultural patrimony of Al-Andalus, which refers to the historic legacy of Al-Andalus, was little-known despite being present in our cultural landscape together with other historic legacies in our region. Our history was therefore the result of different cultures and civilizations, and that of Al-Andalus played an important role. On an equal basis as other cultural contributions, that of Al-Andalus possessed a specific, well-defined character. Thus the main goal of the Foundation would be to make known that historic legacy, without overly magnifying it and respecting its interactions with other cultures, all carried out with scientific rigour, respect, and through a vision that can lead a wider public to regard Al-Andalus as something of their own.

Our purposes are carried out through actions focused on the dissemination of the historical role that Spain and Andalusia have played as a cultural bridge between East and West and Latin America, thanks to a common shared history. This will help to promote closer relations of cultures, toward a more humane and supportive world. By compiling the most outstanding elements of the civilization of Al-Andalus: its history, leading figures, architecture, traditional arts and crafts and all the elements that are present in the vast and living heritage, the Foundation promotes and enhances these elements through exhibitions and publications, or as a destination of cultural tourism.

From this concept, the Foundation implemented a national and international network of Routes and Cultural Itineraries. It is important to note that the essential purpose of the Cultural Itineraries is to make our legacy known and shared by the different countries that take part in them, in order to allow them to look upon them as its own, too, and hence helping to achieve a mutual understanding based on the certainty that the recovery of collective memory could mutually benefit us.

From the Foundation, we envisage as an essential goal to make these Routes a catalyst for economic and social development under its distinct brand, to commit and support the leisure and cultural tourism infrastructures in the towns and villages included in the defined layout.

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