The Andalusian Public Foundation El legado andalusí was born with the aim of highlighting a significant part of the history of Spain and Andalusia. The heritage of al-Andalus, which referred to the historical legacy of al-Andalus, was present in our cultural landscape along with other historical legacies in our land, although it was little known. Our history was therefore the result of different cultures and civilisations and the contribution of al-Andalus played an important role. On equal terms with other cultural contributions, al-Andalus had well-defined features of its own. The philosophy of the Foundation would be none other than to make this historical legacy known, without magnifying it, respecting its logical overlapping with other cultures, with rigour, from respect and through a vision that would allow the involvement of a wide public that would perceive “the Andalusí element” as something of his own.

We try to achieve our purposes through actions focused on the dissemination of the historical role that Spain and Andalusia have played as cultural bridges between the East and the West, and Latin America, thanks to a common shared history, an element that can contribute to the rapprochement between cultures, and help to achieve a more humane and supportive world. We also intend to compile the most representative elements of the civilization of al-Andalus: history, characters, scientific contributions, architecture, traditional arts and all those elements that are present in this vast living heritage, placing value and promoting them through exhibitions, publications or as a cultural-tourist destination.

Based on this concept, the Foundation set up a network of Cultural Routes and Itineraries of national and international scope. It should be noted that the intention of these Cultural Routes is to make our legacy known and shared by the different countries that make them up, so that they can perceive it and make it their own, and to facilitate mutual knowledge, in the certainty that recovering the common collective memory will benefit us all.

From the Foundation we conceive as a fundamental goal to turn these Routes into motors for economic and social development, under its distinguishing brand, making a commitment and supporting the tourist, leisure and cultural infrastructures in the towns and villages included along the defined routes.

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