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El legado andalusí, was declared  European Cultural Itinerary by the Council of Europe, which entailed an important support to the task of disseminating the cultural heritage carried out by this Foundation, whose main goals are to foster cultural and rural tourism, in a sustainable manner, to promote arts and traditional crafts, and protect and restore our architectural and artistic legacy.

The Council of Europe considered that El legado andalusí was worthy of that appointment given “the importance of the itineraries of al-Andalus in terms of cooperation, activities addressed to young people, cross-borders initiatives and intercultural dialogue”. This nomination implies that El legado andalusí serves as a reference in the realization of other itineraries, as an example of “best practices”.

Among its main aims, El legado andalusí intends to enhance international cultural cooperation including topics as education, science and culture as established by the UNESCO’s Declaration of the Principles of Cultural Cooperation: “to spread knowledge, to stimulate talent, and to enrich cultures, to develop peaceful relations and friendship among the people and bring about a better understanding of each other’s way of life. To enable everyone to have access to knowledge, to enjoy the arts and literature of all peoples, to share in advances made in science, in all parts of the world, and in the resulting benefits, and to contribute to the enrichment of cultural life. Cultural co-operation is a right and a duty for all peoples and all nations, which should share with one another their knowledge and skills. International co-operation, while promoting the enrichment of all cultures through its beneficent action, shall respect the distinctive character of each”.

UNESCO has included El legado andalusí in its “Mediterranean Programme” with its own nomenclature, for its contribution to the progress of the Mediterranean countries, promoting the Mediterranean as am eco-cultural space, in collaboration with the ALECSO (Arab League Educational, Cultural and Scientific Organisation).

As a member of the European Network of Cultural Itineraries of the Council of Europe, El legado andalusí has taken part in different international cultural projects both in countries from the Mediterranean area as from Latin America, through the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, European Union and Cooperation, the Spanish International Development Cooperation Agency (AECID), the State Society for Cultural Commemorations, and the State Corporation for Spanish Cultural Action Abroad (SEACEX).

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