Recognition and Achievements


Recognition and Awards

Since the beginning, the project carried out by El legado andalusí Foundation has received different mentions and awards for the work accomplished in different areas:

2019 Finalist with the project “Los Zocos de al-Andalus” (The suqs in al-Andalus) in the Copa Creativa España awards, an action sponsored by the Spanish National Commission for UNESCO. Copa Creativa España was framed within the 6th Forum of Creative Cities and Territories of Spain under the title“Old neighborhoods, historic old towns: a living historical heritage to discover”. The jury in charge of selecting the 18 finalist projects was made up of cultural personalities such as the writer Espido Freire, the architect Carmen Pinós and the vice president at ICOMOS Spain, Jordi Tresserras.

2014 Social Economy Award for the Autonomous Work, organized by the Andalusian Confederation of self-employed people in Social Economy (CAESA) and the Andalusian Confederation of Organizations in Social Economy (CEPESA) and awarded to the El legado andalusí Foundation for the labour carried out through the Routes of El legado andalusi, for the sake of economic and social development of the regions included in the aforementioned routes and for their contribution to the recovery of commercial, craft and tourist traditions.

2012Honorary Appointment by the Association “Alcalá la Real, quality destination” (Jaén).

2008 “Jaén, Paraíso Interior” (Jaén, Inland Paradise) Award by the Jaén Provincial Council,for the organization of the Exhibition “Tierras del Olivo” (Lands of Olive Groves): “the most important ever done on the olive tree worldwide, as it comprised a tour through its past, present and future from all points of view: historical, literary, technological, economic, cultural or traditional, among others ”.

2008 “Andalucía Económica (Economic Andalusia)”Award in the “Public Initiative” section for the Foundation’s career in the cultural field in Andalusia.

2006Prize of the Ministry of Culture of Tunisia: “Medal of the Republic of Tunisia” to the Foundation for the diffusion of the figure of the Tunisian thinker Ibn Khaldun.

2005 Prize of the Association of Arab Journalists for the continuous and permanent work in the mutual knowledge through the common heritage.

2004 Special distinction by the Council of Europeas “European Cultural Route”for the significance of the Itineraries and Routes of El legado andalusí in terms of “cooperation, work targeted to young people, cross-border initiatives and intercultural dialogue”.

2003IRCICA (Research Center for Islamic History, Art and Culture, Istanbul) International Award for the project “The Preservation of Cultural Heritage and Promotion of Scholarship”.

20023rd “El Público” Award by Canal Sur Radio Station to El legado andalusi Foundation in the section of Cultural Institution.

Honourable mention in the Scientific Biennial Film Festival of Ronda (Malaga) for the TV series El legado andalusí and the documentary “Cities of al-Andalus: architecture and urban planning”.

1995 Andalusian Tourism Award. IDEAL newspaper Award. Onda Cero Radio Station Award. Special Mention “Tertulia Mundo Abierto”, Madrid.


Achievements of the Project

  • Since its inception, El legado andalusí has organized a large number of thematic exhibitions in 22 countries: Spain, France, Germany, Morocco, Tunisia, Mauritania, Pakistan, Japan, Mexico, Colombia, United States, Belgium, Algeria, Egypt, Israel, Qatar, Iran, United Arab Emirates, Palestine, Lebanon, Sudan and Syria, gathering the most representative pieces and artistic objects on the civilization of al-Andalus. More than four million people have visited these exhibitions.
  • Design of a program that has been considered by the tourist-cultural circles and media as highly innovative and a product aimed at the future, easily adaptable to new trends in quality cultural tourism and respectful towards patrimonial and environmental elements.
  • El legado andalusí has been highly regarded internationally as initiative and institution for its will of establishing links among the Mediterranean countries on a real basis of mutual interests.
  • In 1997 the Council of Europe announced the appointment of “The Routes of El legado andalusí” as a project of the Council and signed its appointment as European Cultural Route of the Council of Europe. Hitherto, it has uninterruptedly renewed this appointment, after undergoing revision of the certification every three years.
  • Comprehensive task of data collection, documentation and dissemination of the works as a contribution to a better understanding of our historical past.
  • Edition and coordination of more than 70 titles on cultural, scientific and tourist subjects, that have deserved national and international prestige.
  • Creation of a documentary archive that collects the historical-cultural heritage of al-Andalus and the one existing in the 200 towns along the Routes of El legado andalusi.
  • Cataloguing of a great part of the cultural heritage of Andalusia related to al-Andalus.
  • Description of nine tourist-cultural routes that run through different territories in southern Spain.
  • Organization of numerous tourist-cultural activities in different towns and villages: thematic exhibitions, concerts, conferences, seminars, guided tours, etc.
  • El legado andalusí has collaborated in several occasions with UNESCO, having a section of its own for its contribution to the progress of the peoples of the Mediterranean basin and the promotion of the Mediterranean as an eco-cultural space.
  • The Foundation has led many programs of the European Union in collaboration with other European countries and with countries of the Arab world.
  • It has managed to raise awareness of their own landscape, monuments, traditions and also of their levels of quality of infrastructure in many towns and villages.
  • It has succeeded in generating a current of sympathy and collaboration from all political and social groups and at all levels of society, hence confirming the Foundation’s integrative capacity.
  • At an educational level, the Foundation has encouraged the study of history among the students, promoting respect and awareness towards other cultures in schools.
  • El legado andalusí has been in the news in national and international media in several occasions, getting wide media coverage.

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