Free guided tours of the exhibition “Astronomy in al-Andalus”

Free guided tours of the exhibition Astronomy in al-Andalus, organized by the Andalusian Public Foundation El legado andalusí.


Welcome to the exhibition Astronomy in al-Andalus! We are thrilled to provide you with the chance to embark on this captivating journey through time. To ensure an exceptional experience, we have meticulously arranged a daily guided tour that will enable you to delve into fascinating aspects of astronomy in al-Andalus.

Details of the Free Guided Tour:
  • Visiting hours: Monday to Friday (excluding holidays). From 12 to 13 p.m.
  • Location: Headquarters of the Andalusian Public Foundation El legado andalusí. Corral del Carbón. C/ Mariana Pineda s/n. Granada

To join one of our guided tours, we kindly ask you to follow these simple steps:

1. Reserve your spot

Participants must reserve their spot in advance. To do so, please send an email to the following address: Make sure to provide the following information in the email:

  • Full name(s) of the participant(s).
  • Desired date of the visit.
2. Booking Deadline

Please make your reservations no later than 2:00 p.m. on the day prior to your desired visit date. If you wish to visit on a Monday or on a day following a local, regional, or national holiday, kindly reserve your spot on the first working day (Monday to Friday) before the requested date by 2:00 p.m. This will enable us to prepare your visit accordingly.

3. Confirmation

Upon receiving your reservation request and verifying the availability for the desired day, we will promptly send you a confirmation email containing comprehensive details of your scheduled visit, along with any pertinent additional information.

Important: The exhibition hall has a limited capacity to ensure a high-quality experience and adhere to safety protocols. The maximum number of participants allowed is 20 people (20 pax). Guided tours will only be conducted if there is a minimum of 5 participants (5 pax).

We hope you enjoy your guided tour and that it provides you with a deeper understanding of this significant heritage.

To learn more about the exhibition Astronomy in al-Andalus, click here.

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